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2 Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me

There are many instances that I’ve personally gone through which have proved the phrase “Mother knows best” to be true. In this blog, I want to share two life lessons my mom taught me growing up that continue to be helpful till this day. These are not rare, in fact they may be very familiar to you. However, I want to expand on what these life lessons mean to me, how I’ve implemented them in my life, and how you can believe in them too if you don’t already.

Life Lesson 1: Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

Meaning – This one is pretty self-explanatory: If you want to be treated nicely, then treat others nicely. If you want to be treated poorly, then treat others poorly. That is the basic essence of this life lesson.

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However, the problem emerges when you realize that you may be treated poorly despite treating someone nicely. That is how your maturity develops and you must decide depending on the situation whether it is best to “kill them with kindness” (ignore and rise above) or stand your ground and defend yourself.

This life lesson has personally helped me in making friends, specifically in choosing who to keep as a friend. I tried my best to be kind to people I interacted with when I was in school, from elementary, to high school, to university. But the truth is no matter how kind you are there will be people you don’t get along with or those who are rude for no apparent reason. Some of us may have even experienced having these people as friends for a short while and letting them go once we learned they were not a good influence.

One Of My Experiences With This Life Lesson

I once had a friend who I became close with quickly because we had a lot in common. She introduced me to her group of friends and I was thankful she helped me become less shy. Time passed and one day a friend of ours approached me, letting me know that this friend had unfortunately been talking behind my back. She had been telling our other friends that I was “copying her.” I decided to let this go and not confront her. I continued to trust her because she was the first person I became friends with in this group.

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We stayed friends for a little longer but slowly started to drift apart due to not having many classes together. She was still nice to me most of the time however, I noticed she would tell me backhanded compliments or sometimes straight up insult me then just say she was joking afterwards. Eventually she had to move schools and though I was sad to see her go, part of me was thankful that I wouldn’t be hearing those mean things anymore even if they were only once in a while.

So how did the life lesson “Treat others the way you want to be treated” help me in this particular situation? I treated this person with kindness the whole time we were friends. Though she did not return the kind treatment fully and she may not even feel any guilt for the times she hurt my feelings no matter how small, at least she can’t say that I did anything bad towards her.

Life Lesson 2: Patience Is A Virtue

Meaning – Having self-control; Being able to wait for something without easily getting upset, angry, irritated, etc. You are persistent in the long-run which is a good quality to possess.

life lesson: hourglass
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This is a phrase my mom uses from little things to big things. It’s a life lesson that applies to a lot of cases. Furthermore, this life lesson extends to: There’s a time for everything.

Why I think it is important to keep this in mind everywhere you go is because it can represent who you are to strangers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, coworkers, family, relatives, etc. especially in public spaces.

My Experiences With This Life Lesson

I was once at a store in line at the self-checkout with my parents. There was one employee present in the area assisting customers and cleaning the stations/machines after every use. One self-checkout was vacant and my parents and I were next in line to go ahead. However, we did not proceed because we weren’t sure if we were allowed. A man behind us with his two little kids told us there was a spot free so we could go. My dad hesitated to move forward as the man behind us once again said we can go.

My dad then asked the employee if we could use the vacant machine and she replied, “No, it hasn’t been cleaned.” So my dad turned to the man behind us and said “It hasn’t been cleaned, that’s why you have to wait until they call you.” The man simply said “Oh” and stepped back slightly, glancing at his two kids. We could tell he was embarrassed but honestly, that’s what happens when you think you know better and don’t wait your turn.

The employee guided us to the next clean station after finishing up with a customer. Then she guided the man and his kids behind us as we completed our purchase. We passed by them as we exited the store and the man said to my dad, “Sorry about that earlier.” On the way to our car, my mom said out loud what we were each thinking in our heads, “Patience is a virtue.”

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That was a minor incident but this life lesson also applies to more general things. Another quick example of mine I can share is feeling like I got braces later than most people, got my wisdom teeth taken out later than most people, and even obtained my driver’s license later than most people. These were things that I thought I fell behind in and that it was a bad sign. Realizing everyone has their own path and I was able to accomplish these things on my own time, at my own pace made me feel better. I did them properly because I wasn’t in a rush to get them done just to fit in with everyone else my age.

Therefore, the life lesson “Patience is a virtue” is a good one to understand and practice. If you’re quick to let your temper arise when not getting what you want fast enough, people tend to avoid and frown upon you. It can be reasonable if you’ve been waiting a long time and worked hard for something, but even then, people appreciate a patient person more.

Summary Of These Two Life Lessons

Parting from these two life lessons, I noticed something “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “Patience is a virtue” have in common. That is: remaining true to yourself. Do your best to be kind, even to those who treat you unfairly if you can’t avoid them. Be patient and have self-control. With these qualities you can understand yourself better and present yourself as pleasant to others.

life lesson: kind to others
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Are these two life lessons ones that you’ve heard from your mom as well? If you have other quick ones, drop them in the comments below! Or if you have particular experiences to go with them please share a blog to Parting Stories!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!

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