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6 Exercises I Don’t Like And Why You Should Try Them

As a way to stay productive at home I’ve gotten back into an exercise routine. For those who also go through phases of being active and inactive, you know the struggle. The first couple of weeks are difficult because even though you’re not 100% a beginner, it’s been a while since you’ve used those muscles. The soreness definitely lingers and makes you want to take a few days off to rest, but consistency is key!

If you want to feel confident and see progress, you’ve got to push yourself. The program that I follow has me doing legs on Mondays, arms and abs on Wednesdays, and a full-body workout on Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for cardio. I take the weekends off because I know my body needs that recovery period but kudos to those who love to exercise 7 days a week.

In this blog, I wanted to share some particular exercises that I did not like as I parted from them.

You might be thinking: Why show us the exercises you don’t like instead of the ones you do like? Well the answer is: I understand that everyone is different. Exercises that are tough for me may be easy for you. So I’m curious if the majority of people will agree or disagree on whether a certain exercise feels nice for them or is also challenging (I don’t want to say fun versus challenging because some people consider a challenge fun).

With that being said, don’t forget to stretch and let’s get started!

(Note: Images do not represent the exact exercises)


To my knowledge, a lot of people also dislike burpees. I’m not sure of the reason but for me personally, I don’t like my stomach jiggling around every time I jump up then go back down quickly. I hear it gurgling and it feels like my insides are getting tossed around (sorry for the graphic description).

This aside, burpees are a common exercise because they offer a full-body workout. It builds muscle strength in your legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, and shoulders. So even though you may be on the same boat as me and not like it, you should definitely still include burpees in your workout routine. Maybe even just 10-15 reps, once or twice a week.

burpee exercise
Source: Keifit on Pixabay

Lay Down Push-Ups

This is a new exercise that I was just introduced to. As if push-ups weren’t already bad enough, lay down push-ups make you start flat on the ground, arms stretched out in front of you, before lifting yourself and coming back down again.

In order to do this properly, don’t just drop yourself to the floor after the push-up. Do it slowly to feel your core engage and of course your arms. This is great for your triceps, biceps, upper and middle back muscles, shoulders, and chest.

push-up exercise
Source: Karl Solano on Pexels

Skipping (Jump Rope)

I have a feeling this exercise is going to be 50/50 split opinions. I don’t know how I used to jump rope so much during recess in elementary school because it feels horrible as an adult. No matter how slow I pace myself, jumping for 2 minutes straight is simply not possible, I have to take breaks in between.

I’m aware of people who love it and are good at it, it just ain’t me. But skipping can improve your coordination, cognitive function, and the elasticity and resiliency of your lower-leg muscles. Practice makes perfect, so if you have a jump rope at home, get to it and give it a try!

skipping jump rope exercise
Source: Dom J on Pexels

Raised Reverse Lunges

Why oh why must you make me step up and lift my knee, only to bring it backwards again and end it off with a lunge *insert exhausted emoji here. This one is a lot of effort but like all exercise, it isn’t for nothing. The benefits of raised reverse lunges are: They activate your core and are safer for the knees (compared to regular lunges) because it’s easier to emphasize the muscles of the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

lunge exercise
Source: Gabby K on Pexels

Commandos (AKA up-up-down-downs)

I don’t have much to say about this one because you have to try it to feel the pain. Also, I always lose track when I’m counting. For example, if I have to do 24 (12 leading with the left arm, 12 leading with the right arm) I sometimes accidentally count going halfway up as 1 when it should be after a full up-up-down-down (I hope someone out there knows what I mean).

Anyways, commandos are considered high-intensity, they get your heart rate up even though it seems like you aren’t doing much. This exercise helps improve your balance and stability and can strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, and core.

commandos exercise
Source: Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

Weighted Bent Leg Jackknifes

Another new exercise I just learned and I already have a love/hate relationship with. It’s one of those exercises that you really feel is working your core muscles. As much as you want to stop, you need to control and push yourself to finish however many reps is your goal.

While this can be done without weights, the program I follow says to use weights which make me feel the pain all the more, even though I just use one instead of two. The bent leg jackknife fully engages the abdominal wall and helps strengthen and tighten the core. This exercise challenges your back muscles, improves posture, and prevents lower back pain.

jackknife exercise
Source: Jonathan Borba on Pexels
There you have it, 6 exercises that I dislike!

How do you feel about them? Leave a comment below!

I am not an expert and as you can tell from this blog I didn’t give much instruction in terms of how to conduct each exercise. So make sure to look up how to properly execute them to avoid injury. Additionally, if you are curious, the program I have been following is by Kayla Itsines. However, there are many other workout programs out there that may better suit what you are trying to achieve.

Exercise contributes to staying healthy! My sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour. But if working out isn’t your cup of tea, at least try something that is 10-15 minutes long. I hope this blog was interesting, especially to those who are also on a fitness journey like myself. Thanks for reading, good luck and stay strong *insert flex bicep emoji here!

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