Acquaintances Can Be The Worst

Acquaintances are like no strings attached relationships. They’re people we know but don’t. They’re the kind who would be quick to gossip about you, the kind that would get weirded out by you reaching out to hang out, the kind that would use you and leave.

In school, I made a lot of acquaintances from group projects, club events, parties, etc. There were many people I shared laughs with, travelled for hours to see, helped out with homework, etc. Majority of them wouldn’t even say “hi” to me if I walked by them today. Not because I offended them personally or else I would’ve attempted to clear that up. Typically, it’s because they already have a close circle of friends and more is unnecessary. Or, it’s because they met me and just didn’t vibe with me, I dunno. We’ve all been there before.

Parting from acquaintances can be hurtful. I ran an activity page to help students connect during quarantine on Instagram using a brand image and some of my own connections who followed the page unfollowed me after I revealed that it was me hosting the activities. Did that hurt me? Yeah, not gonna lie, it did a little. Like helping combat loneliness made me unlikeable? Lol people make no sense sometimes. If they don’t want to associate with me after doing something for the community, maybe it’s best to stay away from them. Acquaintances generally don’t care if we exist or not anyway. 

As much as I’d like to please everyone, I can’t and that’s okay. On the bright side, many new people connected with and told me they had a great experience. Some were kind enough to thank me for my devoted time and effort. Hopefully, this blog encourages you not to dwell on the behaviour of acquaintances as I’ve learned. Thank you for reading!

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1 year ago

Totally agree with the no strings attached relationship haha, but why not just play alone and focus more energy to actual friends?

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