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Am I Addicted to Playing Among Us?

Everyone knows the hype around the game Among Us. It is one of those things that emerged during this global pandemic that let everyone have a little fun. I heard a lot about it and saw memes everywhere that I couldn’t relate to but that still didn’t make me want to play it. I’m not even close to being a gamer so I doubted I would have the skills to play Among Us well.

After finding out one of my friends plays it, I finally downloaded the app the other night. I said, “Give me a few days, I wanna get the hang of things before we play together.” Parting from Among Us, having played it for almost a week now, I can see how fun it is and why people find it addicting.

One person I played with online said they had been playing for 24 hours straight and that honestly had me shook. Me being in my 20s, I’m obviously not a kid anymore so I’ve only been playing less than an hour a day. But still, if you find a good group to play with and keep pressing “Play Again” Among Us could easily take 1-2 hours of your day.

How to Play Among Us

Most people describe Among Us as similar to the game Mafia. There is 1 Impostor, sometimes 2, among a group of up to 10 players. The Impostor’s mission is to kill the other players without getting caught, or else they get voted out, ejected, and lose the game.

In order to blend in, you have to pretend you’re completing tasks while the other players are completing actual tasks. If the other players complete all the tasks before the Impostor kills everyone or they catch the Impostor first, then the team wins. The Impostor can also sabotage or cause technical issues in certain rooms so they have a chance to kill lingering players while everyone else fixes the emergency.

Among Us as an Online Game

As with most online games where people are anonymous (no face, can create a username), there are people that can be rude. However, in my experience there isn’t a lot. The game censors swear words in the chat and the host is able to ban problematic players.

While waiting for additional players in the lobby, people will say hi to one another and ask questions such as:

  • Where are you from?
  • What time is it where you are?
  • Who wants to connect on Discord, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

I don’t mind answering the first two but I’ve personally never chosen to share my social media information like that. I simply just want to play the game, not be friends irl, but it’s cool to see others do so.

After a round of Among Us, people also tend to be nice if they wrongly suspect/accuse someone of being the Impostor. They’ll apologize in the chat afterwards. It’s good to witness players not taking things so seriously and getting offended as if it’s a social media platform.

Among Us admin room
Being Impostor in Among Us

I personally don’t like being Impostor in Among Us because I’m not good at being sneaky. No matter how hard I try to lie in the chat, as soon as I’m suspected I get voted out. I also have bad luck where I think no one’s around, then all of a sudden after a kill, another player enters the room, resulting in my failure.

It’s such a relief when I’m a Crewmate because when I see “Impostor” my heart drops lol. I think to myself, “Well dang, this game isn’t going to last long.” The other day I was cursed and got Impostor at least 5 times in a row. It was so funny to the point where I called an emergency meeting right away at the beginning of a new game and typed in the chat, “Guess what” so that we wouldn’t waste time playing and I could be voted off immediately.

The next game it became two impostors and I was still one of them. One of the people I had been playing with for a while called a meeting suspecting me again. To make it fun I lied and said, “Actually, thank goodness it isn’t me again!” At the end, of course they discovered I was still one of the Impostors but my fellow Impostor was the one who did all the kills.

Among Us impostor
My Personal Tips for Playing Among Us
  • Be careful when venting, you have to be confident no one sees you
  • Keep in mind that a player might be watching you through the security cams
  • Be smart when reporting a body. Self-reporting is 50/50, players may suspect you as Impostor for doing that while others believe that you’re safe
You Should Try Among Us

If you’re looking for a new, fun distraction, I recommend you download Among Us. However, it’s also important to have self-control with regards to how often you play. Remember that it’s only a game, don’t get upset, if it ends up stressing you out then delete it ASAP. Among Us is easy enough to learn and it’s fun to talk to other players in the same continent as you are. If you have any tips on how to improve on being Impostor leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, do your best to not be sus and always have a GG!

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9 months ago

This blog made me remember why I loved this game in the first place.

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