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This Generation’s Disney “It” Girl: Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo: An American actress and singer-songwriter. You may know her as the female lead in the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Her debut album SOUR was released on May 21st, 2021 showing her vocal and lyrical capability along with range and variety of music genres.

At only 18 years old, Olivia Rodrigo captured the world’s attention with her hit song, “Drivers License.” Ahead of the release of SOUR, Rodrigo released the songs “déjà vu” and “good 4 u” giving listeners a taste of her album.

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you what else I know so far about the talented artist, Olivia Rodrigo and some of my thoughts parting from her music.

I’ve listened to SOUR fully a few times now and Olivia Rodrigo’s music personally reminds me of a mix of Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Taylor Swift is no surprise as Rodrigo has openly said Swift is her “biggest idol and inspiration.” Actually, the two recently met at the 2021 BRIT Awards.

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Rodrigo’s songs will take you back to your first heartbreak as a teenager, her lyrics making you feel all the feels because they’re super relatable. One minute you’re blasting music in the car, screaming and singing along to the lyrics with your friends. The next minute you’re laying down alone in your bedroom, staring at your ceiling, with a tear rolling off the side of your face.

My First Impression of Olivia Rodrigo

I knew of Olivia Rodrigo but didn’t watch the series she was on. I had heard snippets of the song “All I Want” from the show so I could tell she was a good singer. “Drivers License” then became very popular. In fact, it stayed at number one on the charts for many weeks. It was catchy and addicting and I was all the more amazed by her vocal ability. I watched her live performance of the song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and thought she was incredible, sounding exactly like the studio recorded version of the track.

Afterwards, Rodrigo released “déjà vu” and I also enjoyed this song. It sounded somewhat similar to “Drivers License” but different enough to express another mood. “Déjà vu” is a good transition song and I like how her songs clearly tell stories and personal experiences. “Good 4 u” was a surprise but definitely a great one. It was a twist in genre but a good preview to her album, proving that she’s not all soft, sad, melodic songs, but rock-pop as well. In SOUR there are messages of heartbreak and anger but also compassion.

I’ve watched a few interviews and live performances and I’m just genuinely impressed with her stage presence and how she carries herself so confidently, remaining very passionate about the music she writes, helps produce, and composes. I will for sure continue to follow her because I can tell she’s going to achieve a lot more in the music industry.

Why You Should Keep Watch For Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is a name to become familiar with. If you’re looking for someone new to listen to, her songs are fun. Or, if you’re in the mood to be mellow and “in your feels” she’s got songs for that too.

As much as her music reminds me of other artists, I don’t think it’s fair to say she’ll be “The next *insert an existing singer here.*” We also shouldn’t compare her achievements to those of other artists in the past or even current artists that are close to her age. I think people like myself who are becoming fans of hers should just watch her grow and establish herself as an individual, unique artist.

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Honestly, these statements go for any artists but some people can’t help themselves and end up spreading negativity by bringing artists down saying things like “They’re no *insert legendary singer here*.” These artists are making history and breaking records in other ways, going their own paths, and still have time to do so much more. So let’s not contribute to this, whether you’re older or younger, or even the same age as them.

Avoid being someone who thinks these young singers are only cool when they’re just starting out and haven’t “blown up” yet. Then once that artist’s name is everywhere and they’re at every event with their songs always on the radio, considered “mainstream” you stop being supportive and instead say “Oh they’re not even that talented or special.” It’s not necessary to bash anyone just because their music isn’t your type.

Closing Thoughts

I suggest giving Olivia Rodrigo’s album SOUR a listen out of curiosity. Chances are you’ll find at least a few lyrics you can relate to. If you want to hear more of her killer vocals then check out some of her live performances! Thanks for reading and if you find Olivia Rodrigo as awesome as I do, then good 4 u 😉

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