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Don’t Call It A Guilty Pleasure

—Written by C.E. Rojas, Boston (28) Cook 

All relationships come with different obstacles and challenges. Even then they vary depending on the variables at play. My intention here is to give what I would call an insight on relationships from my past experiences. With everyone’s unique encounters on the topic this may not be relevant to you. My goal is to help those who might walk in similar shoes as I do. Nothing more and nothing less but hand down what I may call wisdom. 

worldly pleasure

We as a planet are beginning to recover as a species after living through a pandemic. There are many politics involved with all the occurrences which took place and will be directly affecting how we move forward. With so many dead, a lot of us have become aware just how unpromised tomorrow is. Our lives can change spontaneously from one moment to another. I know I have made a lot of realizations before but never have they weighed heavier than they do now after the event of 2020.

Our time is limited and should be spent focusing on the things which make us feel elated. The things which make us feel alive, which means not wasting time in the company of those who have a problem with someone being themselves. 

humans pleasure

At a young age, I made up my mind about being who I am, regardless of what others may think. This doesn’t mean being a jerk to others and justifying it as a personality trait. I believe growth is important. No one is perfect and no one ever will be but we grow to become better people. For ourselves and those around us in a cycling revolution of personal evolution.  I’ve decided to completely part with the phrase; guilty pleasures. And no, I’m not trying to cancel the term or anything like that.

In past relationships, I have suppressed hobbies and interest in fear of ridicule. I never denied them but definitely down played them. In my early adolescence I even convinced myself I didn’t actually enjoy some.

You should never feel guilty for whatever brings you pleasure. 

No one should sacrifice the things which bring them happiness in exchange for companionship. These distinct interests are what makes people who they are. They should be embraced by those we seek partnership with. The chances you’ll find someone with parallel pleasures are slim from my experience. There is a beauty in finding common ground in previous delights from both parties. There is also beauty in being captivated by a new found hobby which might have been otherwise an omission

Don’t feel guilty for the music you find pleasure listening to. Don’t feel guilty for the books you find pleasure in reading. Don’t feel guilty in the movies you find pleasure in watching. The television shows you watch, the food you eat, the things you drink, date night festivities, weekend activities, overall enjoyed pastimes, so on and so forth. Just make sure you are as open minded about others interest as well. It has to be both ways. For all you know, you’ll end up discovering a new passion. It will only be that much more special with its association to that special someone. 

relationship pleasure

I like to consider myself prudent at this point in my life. I am single but I am in no rush to get in a relationship. I believe it is important to meet someone accepting and adventurous, I  have to be the same. Prepared to embark and participate in activities I may find obscure without rendering my own peculiar interest. I appreciate those who take the time to read this blog. I hope this suggestion helps a range of people in being confident in their pleasures and leaving the guilt of what others may think behind.

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Trish R.
Trish R.
1 year ago

I really enjoyed this post! Very insightful and relatable!

1 year ago

Very relatable, I also think it is a point where one does not care for what others think anymore, and just focusing on self.

1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more. Our lives should be filled with things we love regardless of others opinions. It is our life after all.

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