dove body wash

Dove Body Wash

—Written by Coleen Villadelrey, graduate from Ryerson University, Lead Content Writer at Parting Stories.

The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. Take it from someone who thought it would be okay to use a cheap body wash as a quick replacement in order to “save money.” The result was a mild rash; my skin looked bumpy and slightly red, similar to what happens when I get a sunburn. I stopped using the product and the rash went away. I purchased a body wash from a brand that I actually knew as soon as I could.

Dove body wash is affordable and comes in different scents with different treatments.
  •  Prices (at Walmart)
    • 354 ml, $5.27
    • 650 ml, $8.27 (I recently got it on sale for ~$6)
  • Scents I’ve Tried
    • Refreshing cucumber & green tea
    • Renewing peony & rose oil
    • Relaxing lavender & chamomile

You don’t need to pour too much for it to get sudsy, therefore it lasts a fair amount of time. It has a strong smell but not the kind that can give someone a headache. It leaves my skin feeling soft, but I still recommend using body lotion afterwards for extra softness. The packaging is simple and it has a nice functional design. By this I mean it’s easy to open and get the product out. Just turn it over when you’re near the end to not waste any liquid. My only complaint is that you need to place it between other bottles when it’s upside down so it doesn’t fall over – the bottle has a triangular top.

I used to buy my body wash from Bath and Body Works but even their deals are getting pricey. I found it fun because they often came out with new scents. However, I didn’t want to continue going to one shop just for my body wash. I wanted to be able to purchase it with the rest of my groceries. To reiterate, even if you’re on a budget go for familiar brands rather than unknown ones. Dove is generally reliable and affordable. Thank you for reading my parting experience and review of Dove body wash. If you’re on the search for a new body wash, I hope this product also works for you!

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