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What Can You Eat Near Port Union Waterfront Park?

Planning to take a trip to Port Union Waterfront Park? What a great option to take a nice stroll! Nothing wrong with going there just for a walk, jog, or bike ride. There’s even a small beach area for you and your family. Fishing as well. Though you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks (as long as you make sure to clean up after yourself), what if you want to explore some food places afterwards? 

Disclaimer: The images featured in this blog were not taken at the mentioned places such as the pictures of food which are not from the actual shops.

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When I was younger and visited this park with my family, we usually went straight home after which made me think there weren’t many food options nearby. However, I recently discovered a couple local shops at the Ravine Park plaza, which is about 5 minutes away from Port Union Waterfront Park. Namely these are, Rouge Kitchen and Port Union Bakery. 

Port Union Area – Rouge Kitchen 

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At Rouge Kitchen I ordered their “Southwest Chicken Quesadilla” and their “Macaroni & Cheese.” They were both good and they have a lot of other food options such as fish and chips, panzerotti, burgers made with halal lean beef, salads and more, be sure to check out their full menu on their website.  

Rouge Kitchen also has gluten-free and keto options! Milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches are some of their desserts, and for the summer they’re selling jumbo freezies for only 50 cents. Take a peek at their Instagram page as well.  

The service was great, a very friendly woman greeted us and took our orders. After reading the “About Us” on their website I now realize that may have possibly been the founder, Joanna. She was very kind, patient with my friend and I as we took a few minutes deciding what to get since it was our first time there. We ordered in-store so obviously we had to wait a few minutes for our food to be ready. It was suggested that we do some shopping at the Metro or Shoppers Drug Mart in the same plaza, so that’s what we did! 

But first, we actually stopped by Port Union Bakery.  

Port Union Area – Port Union Bakery 

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Port Union Bakery is voted best donuts in Scarborough by blogTO, so of course I had to order some. Family owned and operated, they also sell Filipino specialties/baked goods such as ensaymada (which I took home), empanadas, and asado (pork buns). I was satisfied with the donuts and ensaymada I bought. Please note, they only accept debit or cash as payment methods. 

They have cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, danishes, and more! Though they prepare many of these items daily, it’s best to place an order if you want certain items or have an order of large quantity. You can call to order or order online. Orders must be picked up, they do not deliver.  

Parting from Rouge Kitchen and Port Union Bakery 

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It’s always nice to support small, local businesses. I recommend these places as a half day trip. Day or evening works. They are very chill activities. I went with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while and we spent most of our time talking and catching up which is why a walk then a meal is perfect. Visiting a bakery is always great because you usually get something to eat right away and end up with something to bring home. The plaza where Rouge Kitchen and Port Union Bakery are located is good too if you need to pick up some groceries.  

Key things to remember:  

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Check the weather before you go! My friend and I actually didn’t end up walking because it was gloomy and windy so we just parked, ate, and chatted. It was hard to predict the weather that day because the rain was on and off, sunny then cloudy. But overall still safe for us to meet up and hang out. 

Place your orders in advance if necessary! Maybe you plan to eat at the park or like I mentioned earlier, you have certain items you’d like to order. You can save some time and just pick up when you get there. Or if you want to see what’s in-store that day and have some free time to spare while waiting for your order, or need to stop by Shoppers or Metro to pick up a few things then you can do it all when you get to Ravine Park Plaza. 

I hope you enjoy this chill day and the food you get. Fingers crossed it’s a nice day when you go! Thank you for reading. 

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