Facing a Driving Fear During Quarantine

My journey in becoming a driver was not easy to say the least. To be completely honest, I have driving anxiety because of all the traumatic experiences I’ve gone through, from near-accidents to being yelled at during a driving test. But at this moment I can say that I am proud of how far I’ve come and a small good thing has actually emerged from this Covid-19 situation.

This is my story on how the pandemic has helped me part with some of my fear of driving.

Proof that I have become more comfortable with driving is that I’ve reached places that I’ve never travelled to before as a driver, rather than a passenger. During the first few months of quarantine I wasn’t driving at all. It actually made me miss driving which I found odd because of my driving anxiety.

The past couple of months, everything slowly started to open back up. Thanks to friends encouraging me to go out and make use of this unforeseen free time, I’m not only getting out of the house at least once a week, but driving to nearby cities instead of just staying within my local area. I am particularly proud of how I’m less nervous to go on the highway. 

While I still would not consider myself a pro, I have learned the importance of practice and trusting time. 

It’s the things you hear over and over again, “Go at your own pace,” “Better late than never” that will eventually come true and help you heal. 

You may not have the exact same fear as me but I hope my words still apply and help you conquer whatever fear you may be going through. 

To my fellow drivers who are still learning: Be comfortable, be confident, but most importantly, BE SAFE! Thank you for reading and may this pandemic lead you towards growth and improvement as an individual!

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