first day of school

First Day Of School

—Written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

“It’s not about being different, it’s about being better,” my professor said in our entrepreneurship class. 

It was the first day of my final year of university and we had to give a 45-second solo presentation to our class on why our peers would want us on their team for a new venture project.

I thought we all presented well and my professor didn’t.

We all made the mistake of presenting our accomplishments to show how we’re QUALIFIED to be in each others’ team and forgot the importance of MARKET RESEARCH. 

My peers are unique, ambitious individuals and they spoke of placing at international competitions, running clubs, working at the Big Four, etc, all in relation to their work ethic. I did too.

We assumed our peers cared about our track record of accomplishments without asking each other what we really wanted in a team before presenting, my professor pointed out.

RESEARCH before making assumptions and PRESENT what matters. That’s what I learned parting from the first class. 

It was a great way to start off the school year. I hope you all learned from this like I did and thanks for reading!

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