How To Respond To A Mean Person

—Written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

“It was hilarious!” My friend said to her roommate, MOCKING my Mandarin speech I delivered for a competition earlier this summer. She held onto his shoulder, unable to find balance because of how funny, Amra, her “fellow brown friend” sounded.

I responded with MORE laughter. “It is hilarious! I told everyone I started learning Mandarin to help me with my future business career and somehow ended up getting a scholarship, getting nearly 300 000 viewers of my posts on LinkedIn, and opportunities to compete provincially! I called myself 拉风  as a joke which is a lame way to say ’cool’ and that made my audience laugh a lot!”

Her roommate was impressed and began bombarding me with questions. Meanwhile, my mean friend’s laughter died down. My parting experience from that conversation was probably better than she intended me to feel.

Lesson of the story to respond to mean people:

Whether people laugh at your accomplishments or failures, LAUGH too. If you are proud of yourself and show it, mean people LOSE the ability to put you down.

Thanks for reading!

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