I Quit My Job And Regretted Working There

I never had to quit before. My previous internship was for four months during the summer, my last sales job was for a seasonal pop-up store, and then my side hustle was managed by me. 

This year, I had to quit a permanent sales job at TJX because I was to study abroad for a full semester on exchange. 

When I noticed my schedule was free for the next two weeks, although they usually kept my schedule open so they can call me whenever, I figured it’d be easier for them to manage if I were to quit then. 

I handed in my resignation letter which should’ve been expected considering I had told my managers months in advance, over and over, that I was going abroad. Yet, my manager yelled at me. “You can’t just quit like that!” 

“I gave you a resignation letter though and I don’t have any shifts for the next couple weeks.” I said. 

My manager accepted after realizing I made a point. She then ignored me until the end of our shift. The attitude lol. 

Before we all separated, I asked the store coordinators and assistant managers who were aware of my great services if I could get their emails for recommendation letters. They informed me that it was the “store policy not to give recommendation letters.” 

I was confused. A 35 billion-dollar company has a rule for managers not to give recommendations? What’s that all about? Maybe they should’ve told me that a year and a half ago before I started working there..? I maintained a professional attitude and was respectful, regardless.

My parting experience from my job was awful. It made me regret the entire working experience. Always ask companies during the hiring process if they’re “allowed” to give recommendation letters if you were to leave because apparently, that’s not the case everywhere. Being yelled at is also inappropriate and I should’ve called her out on that. Thanks and hope you all learned from my quitting experience!

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