I tried HelloFresh for 1 Week

The way I first heard about HelloFresh was through watching American YouTubers’ videos. Of course, since they were sponsored, they rarely said anything negative about their experience and they made the product/process seem very simple.  

I don’t usually fall for these ads, I just enjoy watching the video. Also, since I was watching American YouTubers, I wasn’t even sure if HelloFresh was available in my country, Canada. I probably could’ve gone my whole life without trying HelloFresh if it wasn’t for receiving some coupons in the mail. This proves that marketing does work. 

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What’s funny to me is that a friend actually offered a discount for another meal kit delivery service, called Goodfood. But I didn’t get around to using it and instead jumped at the opportunity to use a “$100 off including free shipping” coupon code from HelloFresh. My reasoning? It seemed more familiar. Again, another marketing tactic (word of mouth) that worked. 

So how was my experience with HelloFresh? Do I think it’s worth it? Would I recommend it to others? Continue reading to find out! 

How HelloFresh Works 

To order HelloFresh, you order on their website. Deliveries are weekly on the same day of your choosing.  

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You select your plan size: 

Number of people – 2 or 4 

Recipes per week – 3, 4, or 5 

Then it gives you a price summary including the price per box and shipping fee. 

Afterwards, you choose what type of recipes you would like:  

*What I chose 

  • Mostly Meat* 
  • Family Friendly* 
  • Smart Meals 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Quick & Easy* 
  • Pescatarian 

When you’re done making these selections, it takes you to registration, entering your address, checkout, and selecting meals if you prefer something other than what they’ve chosen for you. The website is fairly easy to navigate and the ordering process is pretty straightforward. The plan size I chose was 4 people and 3 recipes per week. 

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HelloFresh Delivery 

Delivery was exactly when it said it would arrive. The timing was good for me, the evening, since I wanted the meal for my family’s dinner. However, I’m not sure if you would get your delivery on time if you wanted to use one of the meals for lunch the same day the box arrives.  

“Delivery times are from 8 am to 8 pm on the day you choose.”  

Source:  https://www.hellofresh.ca/about/how-it-works  

Cooking with HelloFresh 

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HelloFresh highlights that they provide all necessary, fresh ingredients (except things like oil, salt, and pepper that you should already own) and proper measurements per meal. I can attest that this is true, there is minimal excess of ingredients. It was mostly extra toppings or seasonings that I was left with. 

The recipes I received had a time duration of 30-35 minutes but to be honest, there were times it felt longer due to the preparation. My opinion is that it’s still a bit time consuming, especially since you have to refer to the recipe every now and then. 

HelloFresh Packaging 

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Image Source: Cup of Couple on Pexels

HelloFresh is environmentally friendly for the most part. A lot of the packaging is recyclable but there is still some plastic.  

The recipes are separated, one meal with its complete ingredients per paper bag. The mistake I noticed in my order was that one red onion wasn’t in any bag. So, I wasn’t sure where it belonged and only found out when I got to the particular recipe that it was missing that ingredient in its bag. 

Though the packaging accumulates quite a bit of waste, I can see there was an effort to avoid as much as they could, while still maintaining the freshness of ingredients. 

The Taste of HelloFresh Recipes 

Each HelloFresh meal I cooked was pretty good. Here are the ones I tried, ranked in order with the one I liked the most as number one. They were all from the “Family-Friendly” category. 

# 1 – Breaded chicken with honey-parsley carrots and lemon mayo  

# 2 – Fajita-style beef bowls with basmati rice and lime crema 

# 3 – Italian sausage flatbreads with baby greens salad 

If I were to mention anything “negative” it would be that I actually skipped the honey-parsley carrots from the breaded chicken recipe. However, that is because I don’t like parsley. I ended up using the carrots and honey for other meals I cooked outside of the HelloFresh recipes. 

Image Source: Ella Olsson on Pexels

My Conclusion 

Trying HelloFresh was an interesting experience. But I would not buy it regularly if every box is approximately $100, and that was already with a discount. The price per serving ends up being the same as buying takeout. I would also adjust the plan size from 4 to 2 people, since the portions ended up being pretty large. My family and I ended up eating each meal in two sittings (lunch and dinner) rather than just one. 

Maybe I would try again in the future if I end up living by myself someday. With my family’s lifestyle, this meal kit service is not as practical and if continued, would be out of our budget. 

I do still recommend trying HelloFresh at least once out of curiosity. The concept is cool, all the ingredients are provided, so it makes you want to cook.  

Have you tried HelloFresh before? Or a similar meal kit delivery service? Leave a comment below or submit a detailed blog right here on Parting Stories

If you wanted to read about a non-sponsored, genuine experience, I hope my rundown gave you helpful insight. Thank you for reading!

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