Losing my appetite

Healthy eating habits are important to keep track of as they have a huge impact on our strength, energy, and weight. Most personal trainers and fitness gurus mention this constantly. For me, it’s not about eating healthy, but eating in general. 

I barely ever have an appetite. It takes me a long time to feel hunger and when I do, I eat because I should. Meals and snacks used to excite me, especially my mom’s chicken wings and every chocolate in my eyeview. Nowadays, I seriously don’t care and will eat as though it’s an activity more so than an experience of tasting flavours. 

Of course, I still have preferences in food. For instance, avocado toasts are great and oatmeal is still like barf in a bowl. However, I don’t care to eat even my favourite foods. For instance, someone could take my favourite meal from me half-way through and it wouldn’t matter. 

Due to my loss of appetite, I sometimes fast unintentionally too which isn’t good for keeping energy throughout the day. I feel my mind losing focus more often and it is painfully obvious that it has to do with the unscheduled eating habit.

On the bright side, this carelessness did not impact my weight in any way as I still consume more than enough food when I do remember to eat.

Parting from having an appetite, I purposely choose to eat cooked food rather than fried, and fruits rather than chips. I already had some good habits from before like drinking water more so than flavoured drinks which I still do. Not having an appetite would make me feel healthier because of this, however, since I fast at random times and sometimes have trouble focusing, I don’t feel so. 

My friends suggested I set up a schedule to eat and that’s a simple solution to prevent myself from fasting unintentionally. As for my appetite, I’ll put food down my throat anyway. 

To those that are experiencing a similar loss of appetite, choose to eat healthy meals because it’s easy for us to do so. Also, if it’s been hours, eat even if you don’t feel like it. That’s how I maintained my weight and a healthy body I am happy with. My friend’s suggestion of scheduling meals and snacks sounds beneficial too. Thanks for reading and I hope this blog motivates you to work towards bettering your eating habits like me!

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