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Mustang Desserts: Exploring the Delight of Cheesecake on Sticks

Who doesn’t love indulging in delicious desserts? I guess some people don’t, but I certainly do. I recently went to “Mustang Desserts,” a dessert shop in London, Ontario, known for its amazing waffle platters. In this blog, I’ll share my experience, from discovering the yummy cheesecake on sticks to an unexpected twist during my second visit.

Picture my excitement as I headed to Mustang Desserts, eager to try their waffles. But when I got there, the shop was closed. Luckily, the owner kindly let us pick something from their delicious display of cheesecakes on sticks. I chose the Ferrero and Bueno flavours, and what I tasted was beyond amazing. The creamy cheesecake covered in crispy chocolate was a delightful surprise.

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Me and my husband’s love for Mustang Desserts’ cheesecake on sticks led us to visit again. This time, the owner wasn’t around, and the staff were in charge. Little did I know that things would take an unexpected turn.

My Second Visit To Mustang Desserts

As I tried to order at the counter, I quickly realized that the staff didn’t know much about the menu on display, especially when it came to the cheesecake on sticks. It took three tries to explain my order. They just could not comprehend the order and I’m Canadian born by the way so there isn’t any accent to blame. I pointed out the cheesecakes and repeated, “Bueno and Ferrero as well as Oreo.” Even then, there was still confusion, which made me feel frustrated and worried about whether I’d get what I wanted.

My husband repeated my order two more times, and finally, the cashier gave us the receipt to collect the order at the other counter. While we completed our purchase, I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d get my order right because when my husband said “Bueno, Ferrero, and Oreo,” the guy responded, “Two Oreo?” It wasn’t loud, there wasn’t anyone else in line. All the staff just seemingly could not comprehend what was going on. They didn’t seem high or anything of that sort, so I didn’t understand what their problem was.

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Unfortunately, my fears came true when the staff member making our order got it wrong. Instead of the cheesecake on stick I was expecting, they got me the wrong flavour. I was baffled –How can this many people struggle this hard to give an order that’s on display? How?! I was expecting just to point out what I wanted and them to simply scan some barcodes but no, they guided me to 3 different staff members with each making mistake(s) until I finally got what I wanted.

Parting Thoughts

As I parted from Mustang Desserts that day, I couldn’t help but think about the challenges owners in the service industry face. This shop had fantastic cheesecake on sticks and an owner who understood good customer service. But the experience was soured by the staff not knowing what they were doing. I wouldn’t blame the business owner for not training them by the way because honestly, everything should have been common sense. It sucks that how customers perceive a business can be greatly influenced by how well the employees do their job.

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My visit to Mustang Desserts had its ups and downs. While the cheesecake on sticks was a star during my first visit, the confusion and mistakes on my second visit were disappointing. It shows that having competent staff is crucial for a good customer experience and can impact return visits. Despite the hiccup, I’m hopeful that Mustang Desserts will keep serving their delicious cheesecake on sticks. I will likely be back for their cheesecake and hopefully next time, I’ll have a good experience similar to how the owner ran the order like the first time around.

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