Nair: First Time Waxing

I always had a dark area above my lip from small hairs and really wanted to get rid of it.

My friend recommended Nair, a popular hair removal brand and without question, I went ahead and got the waxing strips.

Taking a small strip, I pasted it onto my upper lip and ripped it off. I assumed it worked, considering hair could be seen on the strip. After applying some oil and washing my face, I put my face cream and an incredibly painful burning sensation came over the area I stripped.

OUUCHHHHH! I later realized that the wax had in fact, ripped as well as got stuck to some of my skin.

It left a mark on my face for 2 days! I heard that for some people, it can last up to a week!! I was luckily able to keep my upper lip moist with vaseline until the wax could peel off the area. It was really convenient for me that the pandemic required us all to wear masks during this time. 

Parting from my experience using Nair waxing strips, I realized that what works for my friend’s thick hair might be too aggressive for mine! 

I suggest people who barely grow noticeable hair on the face like me to STAY AWAY from waxing because our skin is more sensitive to harsh strips. Stick to using an epistick, eyebrow razor or threading. I personally love using the epistick as it pulls the hairs from the roots and is easier to use than threading. 

Hope this helps!! Thanks for reading!

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