Piaget: Professional or Not?

Piaget is a high end jewellery retailer and they have a location in Yorkdale Shopping Centre that I visited. Considering it is somewhat of a well-recognized brand, I’d assume they’d have great options for me to purchase except that they did not. 

Walking in, I was surprised to see how little variety of jewellery they had and not to mention the colours. The store is known for rose-gold products but NO yellow-gold jewellery at all? That was weird. 

The sales associate proceeded to show me options available on the store iPad and to make it worse,  some of the prices varied as much as THOUSANDS of dollars more expensive than the same jewelry in the store. I asked the sales associate if the variance in price was due to the different precious gemstones used and he said, “no, we just didn’t update the prices but the more expensive one is the correct price.”

I proceeded to ask if they provided any sort of gemstone certificate for the bracelet I was looking at and they do not. When I asked if there was any symbolic meaning to the signature rose design, he said that there wasn’t really. He attempted to make one on the spot as sales people generally do but it didn’t work.

I was very displeased with my parting experience with Piaget as the business seemed so disorganized in my opinion. The sales associate was kind to me throughout and I don’t blame him for how the store operates as this matter is in the hands of corporate employees. I wouldn’t recommend shopping here if you care about getting jewelry that is worth its asking price. Maybe they should stick to watches. Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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