Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park, Richmond Hill

—Written by Coleen Villadelrey, graduate from Ryerson University, Lead Content Writer at Parting Stories.

Located on the northwest corner of Leslie Street and Elgin Mills Road, Richmond Green is the largest park in Richmond Hill. Whether you want to have a photo shoot, picnic, go for a run or walk, play some sports, or need space for other physical activities, this is a great place to choose. With features such as an indoor sports dome, skateboarding park, water play park with splash pad, three outdoor soccer fields, and of course picnic areas, there is something for everyone!

I came here to have lunch with a friend twice. We opted to sit on the grass since I had a picnic blanket packed in my car. The first time after we ate, we walked around the park and took pictures. There are a lot of spots that serve as a nice background like many flowers, a fountain, and a waterfall. The second time we kept it simpler and just played badminton after our lunch.

More About Richmond Green

While you can pick up food from anywhere on your way to the park, if you did not intend to have a picnic and are suddenly hungry, there are two plazas nearby that you can purchase food from. Since most places aren’t allowing dine-in because of the pandemic, you can just grab take-out and easily go back to the park to eat. For food options, across the street is Shoppes of Heritage Hollow. There is also more food selection at RioCan Elgin Mills Crossing which is at the corner of the intersection. This plaza includes shopping, grocery, and a couple banks if you needed to get some errands done.

Richmond Green usually hosts seasonal events and with their many facilities, they also offer recreational programs. However, because of Covid-19 there are changes that have been made and features that are currently not available. I recommend checking their official website for updates before visiting in order to know which indoor and outdoor services are open for use, as well as the safety measures that have been established. For instance, organized team sports are prohibited at the moment to abide by social-distancing rules. 

Despite the limitations, I can still gladly say parting from Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park, both times were a happy experience. The environment is fun and beautiful, a lovely space to spend valuable time with the lovely people in your life! Thanks for your time in reading this blog.

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