Should I Wear A Hijab?

Should I Wear A Hijab Now?

During a trip to Tucson, Arizona for gem business this year, I made a big decision—I decided to wear a hijab. The question that echoed in my mind was, “Should I wear a hijab now?” I am Muslim, and wearing a hijab is important in my religion. I wanted to follow my beliefs and avoid doing things against them. Wearing a hijab helps people see that I am Muslim and understand my values. I no longer needed to explain why I don’t drink alcohol, why I don’t go dancing, or why I prefer not to hug males.

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The hijab made it clear that I represent Islam, which encouraged me to follow its teachings, and it also made sure people respected my beliefs.

My journey with the idea of wearing a hijab began when I was in school. My older sister started wearing one in Grade 7 and didn’t have an issue answering the question, “Should I wear a hijab now?” but I did and wasn’t ready at the time. In Grade 8, I thought about wearing it for the first time. I talked about it with my classmates. One friend advised against it, saying I could never take it off once I put it on. I was unsure and worried about not liking it. I realized later that the decision to wear it is always our own. It’s not forced.

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If we don’t follow our beliefs, it’s our choice, and we carry the responsibility for our actions.

Despite being naive at that age and listening to someone who didn’t know much about Islam, I couldn’t bring myself to wear a hijab then.

As I grew older and approached university, I kept postponing wearing the hijab. I saw some peers removing their hijabs, which made me question whether it was the right choice for me. The desire to be a positive example for my future children, to dress modestly, and to represent Islam in a good way was strong though. In 2022, I started praying more often, reigniting my desire to wear the hijab. However, the influence of society and personal doubts continued to delay my decision.

It wasn’t until I attended the Tucson AGTA gemfair this year in 2023, surrounded by little diversity in terms of hijabis, that I found the courage to wear it. I was outside my hometown radius and thought “Should I wear a hijab now? Yes, let me try.” Despite being one of the few hijabis at the event, I felt comfortable and accepted. Wearing the hijab was easier than I thought it would be and made my daily prayers simpler while I was out. I no longer had to search for a scarf and could pray wherever I was.

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My journey toward wearing the hijab has been about discovering my true self and staying strong in my beliefs. It has taught me to value personal choices and the strength that comes from being true to ourselves, regardless of what others think.

The question, “Should I wear a hijab now?” is deeply personal, reflecting my commitment to my faith and its values.

As I continue on this path, I hope to inspire others who may be on a similar journey. I want to be a source of strength, showing that embracing your identity and beliefs is empowering. In a world that often judges, it’s crucial to remember that our choices define us and should be driven by our own values and convictions.

Parting Takeaways:

  1. Be Yourself: Embrace who you are and what you believe in. Your uniqueness is your strength.
  2. Your Choices Matter: Make choices that resonate with your true self, no matter what others say.
  3. Stand Tall: Don’t be afraid to challenge what’s considered normal. Be proud of your beliefs.
  4. Inspire Others: Your choices can inspire others. Celebrate diversity and stay true to your beliefs.
  5. Share Understanding: Talk openly about your journey. It can help others understand and accept differences.

May your journey of self-discovery be filled with strength, love, and the courage to stand by your beliefs.

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4 months ago

so thoughtful and honest, loved this!

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2 months ago

I’m lost in the ocean of knowledge on your website, and I hope that your intellectual journey continues to go well. I hope you keep making waves.

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