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Small Acts Of Kindness: A Wave I Won’t Forget

The smallest things can make your day. This blog is about a 2-second moment parting from a stranger, which I haven’t forgotten.

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“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” – Aesop

There was one time when I needed to turn right at a red light. No pedestrians were nearby so I moved forward a little bit, waiting for the traffic to pass until it was safe for me to proceed. More cars kept coming; it was taking longer than I thought.

I noticed a pedestrian walking closer. Since my vehicle was blocking the crosswalk and there was no car behind me, I reversed to give way to the pedestrian. He finally approached and as he crossed, he waved and said thank you to me. I smiled and waved back.

It was such a little gesture but I thought about it for at least a few minutes. He didn’t have to say thank you, it was his right of way. He could’ve just waved but he even verbally said the words to thank me. My first thought was, “Wow, there are still kind people in this world.”

Why this particular gesture was meaningful to me

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As a person who sometimes experiences driving anxiety, this meant a lot to me. It confirmed that I did something right. It adds to my confidence that I am a decent driver. Instead of the bad memories of driving crowding my mind, I can maybe turn to this one, adding it to the good driving experiences that will hopefully, one day, overpower the traumatic driving times.

I acknowledge that some people might be thinking this is not a big enough incident to confirm whether or not I am a good driver. That is since my vehicle was barely moving. But try to understand that perhaps if I did not follow the rules and was blocking the pedestrian’s way, he would’ve had to walk in front or behind my vehicle and instead shake his head disappointedly at me. I am glad that I made the decision, no matter how minor, to be extra safe rather than make a mistake.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

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Nowadays, people tend to focus on themselves. It is rare to have friendly encounters with strangers, such as smiling as you walk past someone. It’s understandable as there are bad people in the world. However, we should also try to have the perspective of how a simple smile or nod of the head can brighten someone’s day.

While we have to keep our guard up in order to not get hurt by others, we should remember that kindness can be one of the few free things left in the world. Be polite and respectful because you can make someone’s day better. Even if you’ll never meet them again, they might keep you in mind and next time be kind to someone else.

Spread kindness. You don’t have to be all cheery and bubbly all the time but a kind gesture is a positive impact nonetheless. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

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Source: Ditto Bowo on Unsplash

More quotes about kindness that may inspire you:

“Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world.” –

“A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.” – Joseph Joubert

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

“Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people’s lives regardless of the weather.” – RAKtivist

“Kindness begins with understanding we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman

“Kindness. It costs nothing, but means everything.” – Unknown

“The strongest people are the ones who are still kind after the world tore them apart.” – Unknown

“Kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves.” – RAKtivist

What’s a quote about kindness that you like? Leave it in the comment section below!

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1 year ago

I think a little act of kindness goes a long way. I think little things like this can really brighten up someone’s day. We often forget that the way such a little act of kindness made you feel empowered and confident, just imagine how impactful it could be on someone else. It is important to understand what an individual may be going through before we react in a negative way (it could even be with friends, peers, family, etc). There have been little acts of kindness (for me maybe or for someone else as well) like going on a walk and someone saying good morning. This gives you hope that there is good in this world. We should be kind to not only others but ourselves as well.

Last edited 1 year ago by Eman
1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more. I believe that Kindness is the key to happiness. I still remember one day, when I was walking down the street, I like to smile at other pedestrians as I pass. So, this person I smiled at, gave me the brightest most sincere smile I’ve ever received from a stranger. Some might think it was nothing, but it meant something for me. I’ve never forgotten that moment ever since.

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