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Summer 2017 In Hungary: Remembering my Uncle

—Written by Madeline Snider, University of Ottawa 

In 2017, I spent the summer with my aunt and uncle in Budapest, Hungary. In 2020, my uncle died. 

After his sudden and shocking passing, I tried to remember the last time I had spoken to him, and the last time I saw him. He had texted me on my birthday in early 2020 and I had said thank you. In 2019, he was in the country and visited for a few days. I don’t recall either of those moments. I do remember September 1, 2017 when I left Hungary and returned home to Canada.

When I think back to moments I spent with my uncle, this was the moment I truly parted with him. 

We were in the airport, waiting for my flight. I stood with my aunt and uncle outside of security, and my uncle insisted we take a selfie before I left. He took the picture of the three of us smiling, and went to post it on Facebook. I don’t remember my exact words, but I do remember making fun of him for posting it on Facebook sideways, and how it cut off most of his face. I remember hugging them, and holding back my tears as I left and walked through security. 

airport, remembering my uncle

I’ve seen him, and I’ve talked to him since 2017, and I barely remember any of it. But I do remember most of my summer with him, my aunt, and my cousins. I remember my uncle clapping five times to the FRIENDS theme no matter how many times I said it was four, I remember being the only two Canadians in the icebar (and being the only two who didn’t need a coat), and I could never forget his stupid hat. 

In the months following my return to Canada, I kept in touch with my uncle quite a bit. When he passed, I went back through our messages together. For months we sent messages back and forth and in almost every message he told me I was welcome back to stay with them anytime. I’m sad I never got that chance. 

remembering message exchanges with uncle

My uncle died less than a year ago, and my family is still feeling the heaviness of his loss. Even though I wished I had talked to him more in the last few years, I know my last moment with him in Hungary was good. We smiled, and joked and said goodbye.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work, and I hope it inspires you to look at the good, and not regret the moments you didn’t spend with someone you love.

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Summer 2017 In Hungary: Remembering My Uncle

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1 year ago

This really touched me. When my grandmother passed away ten years ago, I realize that I did not sent enough quality time with her. I always found her annoying because she kept trying to make me dress warmer and kept feeding me when I was full. Now I realize that she just really cared and worried about me.

Like some people say we don’t realize what we had until we lose it. Always cherish every moment with your family!

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