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The Best Way To Make New Friends

—Written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

I sent this farewell note to a friend when we parted from high school..

“Hey, yo, what’s up, hello, hi. These are all greetings I’m used to saying to you in person and they won’t be used as often as they were before. We grew a tight friendship throughout high school and that was all the result of one small greeting, ‘Hi’. That was all I needed to say. How close we’ve become has well exceeded my expectations of any of the friends I thought I’d make in high school.

Be the one to first greet people in University and the same that happened to us, will happen to you with another person; you will meet people that will exceed your expectations and grow ever-lasting friendships. Have fun in University–we’ll keep in touch online!”

My friend sent me this, saying she still has that note. I was surprised when I read it because of how applicable it is to everyone starting a new chapter in their life. Whether you are joining a new club, working for a new company, or even moving to a new neighbourhood, GREETINGS can go a long way.

Good friends BETTER the quality of our lives no matter what stage of life we’re at. Say “Hi” to new people and open doors to new friendships!

Thank you for reading! 

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9 months ago

Good advice. I think sometimes people overlook or overthink the simple ways in which a friend can be made.

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