To Trend or Not to Trend

I’ll admit that I’m not the type of person to hop on the bandwagon when it comes to following fashion trends. I get the appeal and there have been times that I’ve found some trends to be interesting. However, to keep up with every pattern or item that comes back into style just seems like spending money too often. If you’re someone who is thinking about changing up their appearance and experimenting with fashion but still feel hesitant, keep reading for a perspective from someone who has parted from a similar situation.

Observation 1 – Vintage wear, back in style

Remember when Champion sweatshirts and hoodies used to be sold at Walmart? Now they’re overpriced at Urban Outfitters. Even the option of thrift shopping is starting to become a problem. Nowadays people are purchasing clothing at thrift stores just to resell them online at three times the original price. These same people aren’t even donating back so it doesn’t help communities that are in genuine need of affordable clothing to wear on the daily.

I get it, “That’s just how the economy works” but my point is that people should be aware of what’s going on in order to perhaps, change their selfish habits.

Observation 2 – Making old clothes new again

I am not a fan of the tie dye look. I respect people that can pull it off and wear those cute matching jumpsuit sets. I understand where the fun comes from, the fact that you can DIY old clothes at home. That it even has a bit of childhood attached to it, bringing back memories of tie-dying shirts at summer camp. But I personally would never purchase anything with the tie dye design.

The other day I was close to considering if I should participate in the trend. I saw a black and white tie dye cropped hoodie that didn’t look so bad. But I decided against it because first: I didn’t need it, second: another trend I’m not a fan of is cropped tops. Again, I respect people that can pull it off, and there are a lot of nice outfits that can be styled with a cropped top. But I myself am not comfortable with revealing my stomach area, also I get cold easily haha.

Anyways this is my take on a few fashion trends and the general idea of fashion trends

I have personally decided it’s better for me to part ways with the idea of keeping up with “what’s in” and what’s not. However, that may not be the path you decide to follow. Wear what you want and what makes you feel comfortable. Try not to be heavily influenced by what the majority of people in your generation are wearing. Stay true to you, express yourself in your own way, and honestly if that means spending money here and there then you do you. Thanks for reading and I hope this enlightened you in some way!

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