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Udupi Madras Café, Mississauga’s Most Popular Vegetarian Restaurant Review

Udupi Madras Café is a vegetarian restaurant that serves mouth-watering, Indian cuisine in Mississauga, Ontario, near Square One. The restaurant has been in business since the early 2000’s and many of my Amazon management coworkers have mentioned going there often due to its popular menu and service. I had to take a trip to check the place out myself since I’m a fan of Indian food and also because one of my coworker’s family owns the place. Within a couple of weeks of asking a few other work friends who hadn’t visited the restaurant to go, we finally went. 

Udupi Madras Café is very much so a place to visit casually with friends considering the aura, interior design, and pricing of meals.

The atmosphere is fun!

There’s a mixture of modern and old Bollywood film music playing in the background and friendly, noisy, discussions from every table. A very diverse crowd was inside at the time I visited, perhaps due to the welcoming staff. 

Dishes to try out and pricing

The pricing of the meals at Udupi Madras Café are reasonable and match any typical fast-food restaurant. The meal I had, Chanda Batura for example, was only CAD$9.23 (including tax) and it consisted of different curries as well as some very large, crispy, fried breads. I salivate when I think about it because the one chickpea curry out of the three in the serving is one of my favourites. This dish feeds one adult.

Here are some more recommended dishes from Udupi Madras Café my table had ordered: 
  1. Bombay Platter – This included the famous Indian appetizer dish, pani puri, which are basically sphere crisps that are to be filled with curries and liquids typically set aside on the platter. This is a very refreshing and light dish.  
  2. Onion Chilli Rava Masala Dosa
  3. Mysore Garlic Masala Dosa

All of these orders were “amazing” and “flavourful,” like the dish I tried, according to my coworkers. They were kind enough to share a bite so I can confirm that they were, in fact, amazing. 

Note, the dosa meals are servings for one each, meanwhile the Bombay platter is an appetizer that multiple can share.

Spice level

I wouldn’t exactly say any of the dishes were spicy but my spice tolerance is incomparably high so it’s best you don’t count on my words. However, because my coworkers weren’t chugging down water, the spice level seemed fine for everyone.


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We ordered an ice cream towards the end that had multiple sweet ingredients in it that were very refreshing. In my opinion, the proportion is large and so it’s best shared.

As I parted from my first visit at Udupi Madras Café, I began planning a return visit. I enjoyed the experience and food, especially with the company of my coworkers. It makes sense why the restaurant is popular. 

Thank you for reading my blog review! 

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