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The Volcano Cafe And Lounge Review | Pickering Shisha

The Volcano Cafe and Lounge is a Pickering shisha cafe in a plaza near the Brock road highway exit. I’ve been to this particular cafe a few too many times since I discovered it and here is why:

1. High Quality Shisha

The Pickering shisha is of good quality and at a decent price of around $30 for how many coals they provide. There are about 10 different flavours but I recommend trying out the blue mist and/or the volcano mix. There’s also a variety of coals you can add for a longer smoke, and I recommend the coconut coals.

2. Halal Food 

This is always a plus point for me considering I’m muslim. When a restaurant offers halal prepared meals, I can finally enjoy the meat! There are multiple dishes I’ve tried at Volcano cafe, but nothing compares to the chicken wings with honey garlic sauce which comes with a few carrots and celery sticks. Fun fact, on your birthday, the staff does provide a free ice cream.

The other meals on the menu are great as well like the pasta and shawarma platters. I had a chance to try almost everything, considering I went there multiple times. The likelihood is, if you go there, you might come across me at this rate.

3. The Nice Interior 

Volcano cafe has a “chill vibe” with mainstream music like from DaBaby playing in the background, dim lights, and leather couches. There are televisions all around the walls that play sports games like basketball or soccer if that’s of interest. 

There’s an outdoor patio area with lights in a tent when it’s dark which is nice, although the view is not as the Pickering shisha cafe is located in a plaza. I prefer the inside much more. 

More About The Pickering Shisha Cafe

Target Audience

Keep note, you cannot bring kids to this place, considering there’s smoke everywhere from the shisha. However, if you do bring a kid, they will allow you to sit outside and order. 

It’s not exactly a place I’ve seen any seniors visit either though they’re for sure welcome. The target audience is definitely young adults like most shisha cafes. 


In terms of dress-code, I’ve seen people wear all kinds of clothing from extremely fancy to very casual. For instance, there could be a birthday celebration held on one side and people working on their laptops while smoking Pickering shisha on the other side. 

How Is The Staff?

Honestly, it depends on the day. Some staff members are helpful, meanwhile others just don’t leave the desk. There were many times where I had to get up and go to the counter just to order more food since the waiter wouldn’t look around. Usually, they seem understaffed with only one or two employees managing the whole place outside of the kitchen.

Overall, I still find The Volcano Cafe and Lounge a great place to visit and recommend going if you are looking for some Pickering shisha. Thank you for reading!

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3 months ago

Your inclusion of personal experiences and anecdotes adds a touch of authenticity to the review, making it feel like a conversation with a friend who’s sharing hidden gems. The detailed insights into the shisha flavors and the diverse menu options make me want to pack my bags and head straight to Pickering!

Thank you for not just reviewing a cafe but transporting your readers into the heart of the experience. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your captivating stories.

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