What Is A Good Compliment To Give?

“Next time you play, call me!” A senior man said while jogging the block my sister and I were walking.

We had just finished playing basketball behind a closed school in our neighborhood. 

My sister laughed, “Of course!” 

The man stopped by us, catching his breath. “It’s really good to see both of you play a sport. Are you both in university?”

My sister continued the conversation with him as I observed his behaviour. He introduced himself and explained how he happened to live nearby, happily married to an intelligent woman. The man was harmless.

“How about you?”

“I graduated last year,” I responded.

“Awesome!! In what?” He asked, curiously.


He went on to tell me how his wife studied commerce leading her to a well-paid job in administration. 

As I expected, he followed up with “Are you working or do you have any career aspirations?”

“I’m a manager at Amazon,” I answered.

“Well look at that! Never judge a book by its cover! You do give off a very humble appearance and I can tell you’re very smart. I must say, and don’t take this the wrong way, you’re very beautiful too.” The man held his heart to express his genuinity. 

“Thank you,” I laughed.

My sister wrapped the conversation with him and we both left on our way home. 

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Soon after parting from that friendly neighbor interaction, I went straight to my room to analyze my overall appearance in the mirror.

I looked exhausted, with redness in my cheeks and sweat molecules on my nose. I had worn a school t-shirt paired with tights, making it reasonable why he assumed I was in university. 

I pulled my ponytail out of my nike hat and patted the frizz that gathered atop my head. 

Typically, after a basketball game, I wouldn’t deem myself beautiful, however, because of the neighbor’s simple compliment, I felt so. I had no makeup on, my hair wasn’t done, and I wasn’t wearing the best of clothing, yet, he still called me beautiful.

I’m aware that I meet most beauty standards, however, it still surprises me when people think it’s worth pointing out. It made my day. 

I focused on my naturally black hair. I’m in my early twenties so his surprised reaction for the job I have was reasonable. Most associates are, in fact, older than me and I am also the youngest member of my management team. Age doesn’t reflect our competency though and I know I’m more than qualified for the role I have. 

What was interesting to me was that this was the second time someone commented on my humble presence this week. 

An associate at my workplace said “You seem so humble with that calm presence of yours and smile,” as I was walking by her. 

“I laughed, “So you can tell I’m smiling behind my mask?” 

“Of course!”

It’s so easy to say something nice and make people feel better about themselves. I’m luckily very confident and so receiving compliments from others isn’t necessary for me to appreciate myself, however, they still remind me to be grateful for who I am. 

Girl, Smiling, Portrait, Windy, Jackey, Hoodie
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My conclusion is that it’s a good habit to give compliments.

I tended not to give ones regarding beauty sparingly thinking they always come off inappropriate, however, my neighbor proved me wrong. Careful delivery of a compliment, even on appearance, can be received well. We just have to make sure not to cat-call, comment on any private body parts, and/or let our eyes wander others’ bodies. In my opinion, any compliment leaving the recipient feeling good about themselves is a good one. I hope this blog encourages you to give compliments more! Thanks for reading!

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