What’s The Point Of University?

—Written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

“Are you crazy? You’re a BBA at Schulich, don’t do this to yourself. Better to take a bird course to boost your GPA.” This was what I was told by numerous peers for taking Mandarin Chinese as my only elective in my full course load. Parting from their comments, I continued to take it anyway.

Three years later, I got an email that I have been selected to be the recipient of the Bruno Skoggard Chinese Language Scholarship.

Learning Mandarin was and still is the toughest, but most rewarding of my educational journey yet. I have bettered in so many unexpected areas such as my English grammar, presentation, and wariness of diverse cultural perspectives on any given subject. I am now actively aware of what I say or do to put it simply.

Remember, University isn’t there to GET you a job. It’s there to help you DO a job. It’s up to you to put effort and take the most out of it because at the end of your University career, all you will take with you is the skills and knowledge that you have developed. 

Go where you have room to grow and learn what you enjoy. Everything else will follow!


Thanks for reading!

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