when a good person does something bad

When A Good Person Does Something Bad at 19

When A Good Person Does Something Bad At 19 was written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

“Don’t listen to him–He’s stupid! Try anything you want and you can do great!” My classmate said when a bully made fun of me for wanting to try out for the baseball team.

This happened nearly a decade ago when I was in Grade 8. I ended up making it onto the team and having a lot of fun. 

when a good person does something bad
When A Good Person Does Something Bad At 19, Parting Stories

I recently found out that the same classmate that used to always stand up for me back in elementary school received a lifetime sentence at the age of 19 for stabbing a fellow teenager in 2016.

It both saddens and disappoints me to hear about this. He helped me believe in myself at a young age which impacted my progression later in life. I am now a graduate of one of Canada’s most prestigious business schools.  

When a good person does something bad, it’s hard to believe.

parted with him after we went to different high schools so I don’t know at what point in his life did he start to lose self-control, but I do know he wasn’t always like that. I’m still thankful for who he once was.

Why my classmate stabbed the other guy is a mystery.. and whatever the case may be, such violence is unacceptable. I hope everyone learns how important self-control under pressure is to live peacefully. Without learning to swallow anger, people can really change for the worse and ruin their chances at life. 

Please believe in and take care of yourselves because you deserve the happiness you seek. Thank you for reading. 

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3 years ago

Great story. I think it goes to show that you never really know what is going on in most people’s life. Also that people change. Hopefully, in prison he focuses on the positive attributes that he showed you and other people instead of the dark attributes that caused him to stab somebody.

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