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Why I Don’t Like Making Plans Early In Advance

Making plans is very annoying to me, specifically ones that are made early in advance. I can’t rely on others to follow through with plans made. The more time we have between now and the plan, the likelier it won’t happen which can be very disappointing for outgoing people like myself. 

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I prefer making plans last-minute.

People may not know what will occur in the next couple weeks, but they sure know what will happen in the next few hours. For example, look at the following two questions:

  1. “Are you free at 6pm to go to the beach for a walk after work?” 
  1. “Want to go to the beach for a walk next monday after work?” 

The first question is a quick yes/no while the second question gives the person time to be unsure. I would likely get the response, “I’ll let you know.” Then I’d have to do the dreadful wait for their update which will likely be a no since they had too much time to think about it. People will only try making plans for extraordinary activities like an A.Chal concert. 

I don’t like when plans are canceled because I hate looking forward to something just for it not to happen. It feels like I was lied to. The worst is making plans for your birthday party. Oof, terrible. Have you ever done that? It’s awful. Every person you invite who doesn’t make it, it just feels like they don’t care about you and don’t think your birth is worth celebrating.

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One piece of advice when making plans for your birthday:

Never book reservations at a restaurant for your birthday and invite a big group of people. The awkwardness of having to wait for everyone who is late or canceling last-minute is not worth it. It’s even worse of an experience when there are waitresses circling your table and asking over and over if everyone has arrived and whether to get the food. Eventually they bring the food regardless because people are unreliable and they can’t wait. Then, if there are too many people you’re waiting for, the food just gets cold and you all end up eating at different times. 

Anyway, I try to avoid disappointment by only making quick-plans. Keep in mind, this does not mean people are reliable even then. It’s possible they will disappoint you even last-minute and say they can make it one hour, and cancel the next. But the chances of cancelation are slimmer for quick-plans than they are for making plans early.

A canceled plan experience:

Someone I know suggested watching a movie of my choice with me for instance, then said they’d be out for a few hours and we could watch it afterwards. However, it ended up being closer to 10pm by the time they returned and were ready to watch the movie. They even suggested changing it to something of their interest. Nevertheless, I was disappointed and canceled the plan myself since it was a work-night anyway. 

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On the other hand, there’s people who are reliable enough and likely to keep their word. If we say we’ll watch a movie, we’re going to watch it even if there are delays and it is a work-night. “Who cares if it’s your work-night? Suck it up and let’s watch the movie,” my sibling would say since we already made the plan.

Parting Conclusion

Parting from this blog, I hope you place importance on following through with plans made with others. Whether the plan is small or big, it really does impact the mood of everyone involved. Following through with making plans discussed also builds trust which betters relationships with others. Thank you for reading!

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