Why Is It Good To Work In Retail?

—Written by Amra Mujithaba, graduate from Schulich School of Business at York University, Founder and Managing Director at Parting Stories.

“Those that worked in retail before working in corporate are better businessmen and women,” my dad said when I told him I didn’t want to apply to the sales job posting we saw walking in the mall.

I’m glad I listened to my dad parting from that conversation back then because after working in different retail stores, I’ve developed a skill that is most important to have wherever I go; COMMUNICATION.

In retail, we interact with a diverse demographic making us comfortable communicating with just about anyone! We also learn to deal with many forms of aggression from the public with professionalism.

In corporate, having a strong understanding of how to communicate your needs EFFECTIVELY with your target demographic is necessary for success! Retail experience gives you that familiar sense of your targeted market and how they like to be approached.

To those thinking about working in retail before going corporate, it is HIGHLY recommended!

Thank you for reading!

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